The first EducAid wedding

The first EducAid wedding:  Ezekiel and Mamie are now Mr and Mrs Nonie.
The very smiley Ezekiel is a founder pupil who joined EducAid on 18th September 2000 for the earliest lessons on the back veranda of the rented building EducAid called home for the first 5 years of the school’s existence: 105 Regent Road, Malama, Lumley.
When he joined EducAid he had been out of school for 7 years and though he was desperate to finish his education, there had been no way he could, due to the lack of family finance.
After finishing his secondary education, Ezekiel went and served as junior staff in Rolal and Maronka and then went to Milton Margai College to train as a teacher, sponsored by friends of EducAid. When he emerged with his qualifications he joined the full EducAid staff and has served now all over the programme.  For all the right reasons, Ezekiel has risen to become a key member of the Leadership Team where his contribution is invaluable.  With his easy going manner and sunny nature, he is a great mediator.  Wherever there is conflict, disagreement, misunderstanding, Ezekiel’s calm, firm voice can be relied on to bring sense to the situation. He is un-tiring in his service to his juniors and someone of whom we are very very proud.
Through nearly all the years that Ezekiel has been in EducAid, there has been a quiet presence by his side.  As time has gone on, Mamie too has started to play a vital role within EducAid, particularly working with the girls.  She is gentle and firm, with a ready laugh and a peaceful sense of herself that the girls love to emulate.

They may be beautiful to look at facially but they are also lovely to watch in terms of how they look after each other.  Couples that role model respect, love, courtesy and integrity so well are not ten a penny.  It is wonderful to have this example at the heart of EducAid.  We are very proud of them.

We wish them much love, much happiness, much courage and strength as they continue their lives together.  We hope that many within EducAid will follow their example.

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