Miriam Mason

Miriam is the driving force behind the whole organisation. As Country Director it is Miriam’s responsibility to shape, deliver and report on all Programme activity in Sierra Leone, with the help of her talented and dedicated team of staff. It is inconceivable to think that EducAid would be in the position it is today without her relentless dedication and effort. Singlehandedly she has changed thousands of lives for the better, and she is as energised today as she was when she first visited Sierra Leone.

Miriam trained as a teacher in London and Cambridge, and was teaching French in the UK when her brother Swithun and his friend James started the small sponsorship programme that has become EducAid. At that time she used to undertake fundraising activities for the organisation in whatever school she was teaching in. When the opportunity arose to visit Sierra Leone and the sponsored students in 1997 she jumped at the chance. It was there that it became clear that the programme was not really able to deliver a quality of education that would actually change children’s life chances.

We fairly quickly started working on the project of Miriam moving out to Sierra Leone to start our first school where we could more easily control the quality of what we were providing. After a few false starts Miriam moved to SL in July 2000 and started our first school with 20 assorted, vulnerable, out of school youth on the veranda of a rented house in the Western Area of Freetown. Since then Miriam has lived in Sierra Leone. She has continued to look for opportunities to challenge the education status quo and identifies herself as passionate about the power of values led education to destroy poverty in all its forms.

Her son, Kofi, attends an EducAid school and Miriam too enjoys role modelling life long learning as she pursues her PhD: her thesis: an evaluation of our teacher training and network building approach to school improvement.

Miriam has been awarded with a Member of the British Empire (MBE), and a Member of the Order of the Rokel (MOR). In 2015 Miriam was awarded the Education prixe at the World of Children Awards in New York City, and in 2016 was shortlisted in the top 50 Global Teacher Award by the Varkey Foundation.



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