Alhassan as we want to remember him

Alhassan died this morning of an infection that overcame his system and caused renal failure.

I was privileged to see a special side of Alhassan. Everybody knows his smile, his laugh, his locks but not everyone saw underneath. Alhassan laughed and talked all day. I have rarely known anyone so popular and so well known but more than all that, Alhassan was true. He was true to his beliefs, true to his friends and family and true to me and to Kofi. He was a thinker who could stand apart from the crowd if necessary because of his own self taught standards. When I was angry, the whole school knew that Alhassan would be peace-maker. When difficult things happened, for all his lack of education, it was his wisdom that I sought. He guided me and protected me and he was a much loved father not just to Kofi but to so many young people in EducAid. Alhassan and I argued regularly and every day we made our peace. He was no saint but he was a man of many rare qualities. I am proud of him. I am proud to have loved and been loved by him. I am proud to have his child. I will miss him terribly. The hole is hard to believe. Every day whatever country we were in we spoke and told each other of our love for each other. We were determined that whatever the trials and the tests, our marriage and our love would endure the test of time. Now, it is not possible to prove our love for each other in that way, but I will never forget him and I ask that those of you who knew and loved him, help me to remember him by continuing the work of EducAid of which he was so proud to be a part. In Alhassan’s name I commit to continuing the fight to increase access to good quality, thinking education. In his memory I ask that you all join me and that we fight ignorance, corruption and poverty together.

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