And in stark contrast, some unexpected good news!

Augustine Bundor, doctor in training.

Two years in a row, we have had young medical students [EducAid graduates], who we knew to be excellent and diligent, kicked out of the medical college at the point of entry into the medical school proper i.e. after 2 very expensive but obligatory preparatory years.
No questions were permitted as to the reasons for their failure and it was clear that there had been some very untoward playing with the results of various of their classmates. There has been a change in personnel at the top end of the administration of the college, with two heads of the institution being investigated on corruption charges.
Today, against our greatest fears, we have the very exciting news that Augustine has crossed that hurdle and has passed with 2 distinctions, 1 credit and 1 pass. Let’s hope he will be allowed to continue through to the end now and will be able to play the role he so desires in bringing changes to the medical situation in the country.
Congratulations Augustine! We wish you every success in your on-going studies!
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