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We’ve had a few requests from people who wanted to
receive inboxed updates from our blog, so we’ve decided to give you a quick
guide to keeping up-to-date with our blog and social media.

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You can do this from any of the pages on our website. At the bottom of each
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Alternatively, you can read our posts on our News Page whenever you fancy.

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We send out 4 regular newsletters per year, giving an
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Receive all of our facebook updates

At the top of our facebook page, you can choose to
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Also, don’t forget to follow Miriam on Twitter because that’s
where she usually posts the up-to-the minute goings on of EducAid.
Thanks for all of your support. Remember that by liking
and sharing our messages helps to spread the word about everything we do and to
attract more donors so please do be vocal and active on your social media.
We’re still working towards our ambitious but very
necessary target of £150,000 to provide support for those disadvantaged from
Ebola, particularly the ever-increasing number of orphans that are coming out
of this catastrophe. If you want to know why it’s so necessary, do read our
blog where we’re regularly posting information regarding the Ebola situation
and what we’re doing to protect our students and staff, as well as what we’re
doing to plan for the a life after Ebola.
We hope that we’re bringing you a valuable insight to
what is going on in Sierra Leone, so please do keep supporting us online and in

Many thanks

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