Jimiyke on the scene again

Jimiyke, last year’s headboy, has gone quiet over the last few months. After a traumatic 2009 when he nearly died of what was probably TB, sat his final senior secondary exams, had Hepatitis C antibodies detected, eventually, after much battling with immigration, he got to the UK in November. This was thanks to the generosity of a number of families who have taken him in, cared for him, educated him [in ICT] and provided access to the medical facilities he required.
He is now in the final stages of his trip. Given a clean bill of health, he is getting ready to put his new found ICT skills into action.
He returns on Sunday, travelling with Swithun, hopefully to take up his teaching responsibilities once more. We are greatly looking forward to having him back. Meanwhile, for a taste of what he has been up to when going into donor schools, follow this link: http://www.stmaryscambridge.co.uk/uploads/1/Spring_Accolade_2010.pdf

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