Successful UK fundraising trip

We are just back from a very successful month of fund-raising in the UK. Successful because many new liaisons were made. Successful because many long-standing relationships have stood not only the test of time but also the test of the recession. Successful because much generosity has been shown. Successful because Anne [who organises my timetable – many holy brownie points for that nightmare job!] ensured we wasted not a minute and all time was gainfully utilised.

This year has been a tough one financially. A new tax has been introduced – the GST. In theory this is not added to food stuffs or fuel. In practice, everything has gone up a good 15%. Government teachers’ salaries have been increased by 40% although we have been unable so far to respond in kind but must, to be fair to a very committed staff, try and do so as soon as possible. We have the great excitement of the donation of funds for a new building of a new senior secondary school to be completed in the next few months which then incurs significant costs to run it starting in September. And so on and so on…..
We are therefore greatly appreciative of the generosity and commitment of our very loyal donors who continue to make it possible for us to respond to the needs of the youngsters in our care. Thank you!

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