EducAid runs an educational network comprising of free schools, teacher training, and tertiary programmes in Sierra Leone. We provide distinctive, personalised, top-quality, holistic education and support to vulnerable young Sierra Leoneans.

We are a UK registered charity which believes that the education of young men and women is essential to: unlock human potential, overcome poverty, improve wellbeing, build democracy, and that it is the cornerstone of stable development. Our vision is a democratic, dignified and prosperous Sierra Leone, where poverty is eliminated by educated citizens who are able to develop their personal, social and economic wellbeing.




EducAid is  a values-led organisation; we take pride in our values, and work to ensure that our staff and beneficiaries truly work toward to the vision we are trying to achieve in Sierra Leone. EducAid builds on the foundation of quality education in an environment of equality. In a country where gender equality is so disproportionately biased against women, we ensure that our pupils are treated identically, no matter their gender.

EducAid is unique in Sierra Leone in that it aims to empower Sierra Leoneans to build a better future for themselves, from the bottom up.





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Get involved in our democracy project

We’re looking for schools from all around the world to be a part of our democracy project.

While we are young, we want to learn what it means to be active democratic citizens, taking up our responsibility and our right to make our voices heard for the good of our communities and the world.
We want to learn to say and to live the ideas behind this saying: ‘How can I be happy when those around me are sad?’

Each week, we will work together in our various countries and schools and locations across the world and we will share our ideas by whatever means we are able and contribute to this site so that while we learn, we inspire others!

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