What We Do

The Impact Of Change

EducAid has always been more focused on the impact of the change we make than on the number of people that we work with.

EducAid provides free, high-quality education to some of Sierra Leone’s most underprivileged young people within our 5 model schools.

The effectiveness of EducAid’s student-centred approach to education is demonstrated by our students, who regularly achieve some of the best exam results in Sierra Leone despite coming from backgrounds which present a multitude of challenges.

In the last year EducAid impacted


More than 200,000 children


More than 700 schools


More than 4,700 teachers

Our Schools

Picture Maronka EducAid Sierra Leone


  • 100 students (47 girls)

  • 10 staff (5 female)

  • 500 teachers via EIC

  • +100 community

Picture Lumley EducAid Sierra Leone


  • 168 students (92 girls)

  • 19 staff (4 female)

  • +100 community

Picture EducAid Rolal School


  • 266 students (116 girls)

  • 16 staff (2 female)

  • +200 community

Where We Are

  • Lumley

  • Maronka

  • Rolal

During the Covid-19 pandemic our education team also provided Remote Learning via Radio:


300 lessons recorded
100 at upper primary, 100 at junior secondary and 100 at senior secondary levels


1.4 million children reached (700,000 girls)
World Bank and Relief Web

Training teachers and creating sustainable schools

EducAid trains teachers and improves school leadership to raise the standard of education for children across 6 districts in Sierra Leone.

Our innovative programmes, which are monitored closely by the government in order to roll out nationally for scaling across schools in Sierra Leone have been named by the EU as the most effective education project in the country (QEP4E: 2019). 


Building Equality

EducAid works to increase the safety, enrolment, retention and achievement of girls and young women at every level with innovative programmes: The Strong Girl Incubator (SGI), Girl Power Groups and White Ribbon Campaigns, Every Voice Counts.

Post Secondary Strategy  

EducAid Alumni

EducAid Alumni network

BAM course

Our Business Administration & Management Course is run in partnership with the University of Makeni, one of the leading and most progressive universities in Sierra Leone. 

We have devised our curriculum in order to develop a range of analytical and problem-solving skills to enable students to lead their department or organisation, manage the staff in their charge, provide a futures and values led management and portray themselves inside and outside of the organisation as a competent professional.