What We Do

The Impact Of Change

A focus on quality is essential to EducAid, and bringing about strategies for effective education to influence policy and practice

EducAid runs an educational network of free schools, school improvement and research projects, working to serve the diverse needs of communities and teachers to improve education quality, social inclusion, gender equality, and community resilience. 

Established in 1995, EducAid has run small school improvement projects in remote villages to large scale multi-year school improvement contracts. EducAid currently runs 5 model schools (serving 700 underprivileged students) in addition to responding to various education related needs through our collaborative projects.  

EducAid’s success comes from being grassroots and Sierra Leonean-driven. EducAid has spent decades developing relationships and earning the trust of communities. EducAid’s programmes and innovations work because they come from Sierra Leonean staff, students and communities. With in-depth understanding of the specific contexts arising in Sierra Leone, EducAid uses local knowledge, skills, relationships and experience to raise the standard of education for as many children as possible across the country.

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" Values-led education has the power to destroy poverty in all its forms "

Dr Miriam Mason-Sesay

EducAid Country Director

In 2022-23 EducAid's work impacted

164, 000

Over 164,000 students in Sierra Leone


More than 1,594 schools


More than 6,540 teachers

During the Covid-19 pandemic our education team also provided Remote Learning via Radio:


300 lessons recorded
100 at upper primary, 100 at junior secondary and 100 at senior secondary levels


1.4 million children reached (700,000 girls)
World Bank and Relief Web

Three Pillar Strategy  

Our strategy is focused on three areas - Running schools, School Improvement and Research and Advocacy with Gender Equality at the foundation of all we do.

Find out more below about each of these different components, and our programmes.

EducAid Three Pillars

Our Schools

EducAid provides free, high-quality education to under-privileged young people within our 5 model schools.

The effectiveness of EducAid’s student-centred approach to education is demonstrated by our students, who regularly achieve some of the best exam results in Sierra Leone despite coming from backgrounds which present a multitude of challenges.   


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Maronka School
Picture Maronka EducAid Sierra Leone


  • 100 students (50 girls)

  • 9 staff (5 female)

  • 569 teachers via Sierra Leone Education Innovation Challenge (SLEIC)

  • +100 community

EducAid Lumley - recently repainted
Picture Lumley EducAid Sierra Leone


  • 204 students (131 girls)

  • 16 staff (4 female)

  • +100 community

Picture EducAid Rolal School


  • 279 students (108 girls)

  • 20 staff (6 female)

  • +200 community

Where We Are

  • Lumley

  • Maronka

  • Rolal

School Improvement

EducAid trains teachers and improves school leadership to raise the standard of education for children across 6 districts in Sierra Leone. Our innovative programmes, which are monitored closely by the government in order to roll out nationally, have been named by the EU as some of the best in the country (2019). 

EducAid is also part of the Sierra Leone Education Innovation Challenge (SLEIC) working to improve learning outcomes, in literacy and numeracy, in public schools through outcomes-focused funding and policy. Find out more about the SLEIC here - https://www.educationoutcomesfund.org/post/the-sierra-leone-education-innovation-challenge 


Building Equality

EducAid is committed to challenging gender inequalities at all levels. We work to increase the safety, enrolment, retention and achievement of girls and young women in school. We provide equal employment and career development opportunities to women and enable the participation of women in all our activities with local communities.

Click below to find out more about our gender equality work and projects:

Post Secondary Strategy  

EducAid Alumni

EducAid's Alumni Network is a group of past EducAid students working to support each other, share and form partnerships in addition to keeping in touch and up to date with EducAid's work.

The EducAid's Alumni Network (EAN) provides career guidance and facilitates access to job opportunities for its members. EAN also supports current EducAid students with mentoring and sponsorships. EAN is committed to offer equitable opportunities to its members and beneficiaries, and to ensure its leadership is inclusive and women’s voices are heard. 

Any EducAid past students who want to join the network please contact ean@educaid.org.uk.

If any EducAid alumni would like to donate to EducAid please do so via the EducAid Alumni Just Giving page : https://justgiving.com/campaign/educaid-alumni

BAM course

Our Business Administration & Management Course is run in partnership with the University of Makeni. EducAid has established key partnerships to support talented students to attend the BAM and obtain their degree.

This programme includes the participation of volunteer lecturers. Those interested in volunteering can find out more in the Get Involved section of the website.