Living with Ebola: AJ & Kai

AJ (pictured) & Kai are the site coordinators at EducAid Magbeni, one of the EducAid schools in the most hard-hit areas of Sierra Leone, the Port Loko district. AJ and Kai are responsible for looking after the students and staff … Read More

A sobering experience

As the global media attention begins to tire and to sway on to other more sensational stories, it would be easy for the public to think that Ebola situation has gotten better. Let us be clear, it has not. Have … Read More

Living with Ebola: Abu ‘Pirez’ Kanu

Pirez is a man who has come all the way through the EducAid system, and someone that typifies everything that we stand for. We asked him a few questions to give us an overview of what life is really like … Read More

Necessity is the mother of invention

Necessity is the mother of invention – we can see this proverb come to reality during times of crisis, particularly in the actions and initiatives that come from the NGO and Aid communities. A few weeks ago, the West African … Read More

Traditions, Rites, and the Deadly Virus

‘Safe and dignified burials’ have been a top priority of the international and government agencies of the past months; with more reports of insensitivity by government burial teams – a lack of clarity as to grave locations, and a lack … Read More

EducAid today: 31st October 2014

Sierra Leone – an update Firstly, an update on the Ebola figures for this week. These figures are accurate for the 20th and 29th October, and the new cases only pertain to that day only. 20th Oct 29th Oct New … Read More

Ebola: Distrust and Misinformation

Distrust and misinformation have been prominent throughout the Ebola outbreak, and something that we have touched on in previous blog posts. Distrust for the government and international community, and a lack of clear information about the sources, the transmission, and … Read More

EducAid today: 23rd October 2014

Continuing on from last week’s update, here is a fresh one for today. To begin with, we have an update from Sierra Leone today, it reads: Due to the number of new Ebola cases in Western Area, Western Area is … Read More

Ebola and a politicised media: hindrance or help?

We’ve noted in previous articles that the situation in Sierra Leone has been exacerbated by the lack of clear health information circulating through both domestic and international media. Now that the situation has matured, the information has levelled somewhat. However, … Read More

EducAid fighting Ebola: Augustine Bundor

Times can be tough in Sierra Leone, and this is one of them. With Ebola rife throughout the country, and the population panicked about contracting this deadly disease, education can seem secondary to survival. This is not the case. Our … Read More

EducAid today: 16th October 2014

Since the first case was confirmed in Sierra Leone on 25th May, the swift acceleration of the Ebola virus across the country and Western Africa has seemingly caught both governments and the international community off-guard. Ebola has claimed around 1183 … Read More

Ebola & Our Response

At EducAid we have been fighting to protect ourselves from Ebola from the very beginning. We are in the fortunate position that the majority of our school compounds are generally self-contained and stable. Under the guidance of our Country Director … Read More