Aminata Kabia [16] RIP

And so the bad news keeps rolling in…. Aminata Kabia joined EducAid last summer when the Women’s Project started in Magbeni.  She had been out of school for many years as it had not been a priority or a possibility … Read More

Citizenship Education Week

Citizenship Education Week is over.  This year the focus was building self-esteem. All students spent the week compiling their self-portfolios: self portrait collages, CV, my dreams, my hopes, my past, my achievements, my favourite music, poem, pictures, books; how I … Read More

Teachers aren’t supposed to have favourites but somehow it is hard not to sometimes…. I have one in particular who I find humbling to work with because of how he is despite all he has been through.  He finished his … Read More

The Freetown school building now holds 700 students although things are quite tight. Definitely progress from under the tree in 2000.

where are we now

Where to start…… Since coming back from the last fund-raising trip on Easter Monday, it has been incredible how besieged and battered we have been.  It feels up close that we have never had such a difficult time since I … Read More