Hopes for 2010

This year, EducAid will celebrate 10 years of having its own school (now schools). EducAid Lumley opened on 18th September 2000. There have been many successes but equally many difficulties, many challenges and many sadnesses. In 2009, we not only … Read More

Atlantic Rising

An interesting project: a British team are travelling round the rim of the Atlantic Basin and linking schools along their journey with each other. The idea is to educate about the Climate Change and consequent rising of the Atlantic and … Read More

Jimiyke – the public speaker

Jimiyke is still waiting for further feedback on the last few tests to ensure that his health is secure but in the meantime he is putting his time to good use. Various friends have offered opportunities to sit alongside them … Read More

EducAid’s first graduate – a Big Day!

Mohamed Sannoh – A very proud day for him and for us all. Ok….and a few others too!Mohamed Sannoh, the longest standing EducAid pupil, has graduated from Fourah Bay College in Freetown, Sierra Leone in Accounting and Finance. Mohamed was … Read More

Getting festive in aid of EducAid

Quite a few Santas then! Triumphant! Alison and Megan post ‘dash’.Alison Walsh of Lambeth Academy and one of her students, Megan, participated in a 6 kilometre Santa Dash around Battersea Park, sponsored for EducAid. Alison is a long-term supporter of … Read More

A darker day today

4 months ago today, we lost our beloved Alhassan, needlessly to medical negligence and being in a poor country that is riddled with corruption. For more information about our work, see www.educaid.org.uk

Challenging a culture of underachievement

This year, EducAid senior secondary students came 5th in the country in their public exams. On the face of it, fantastic. In reality, however, I was mad as fire at the horrible underachievement of some of our students. Many of … Read More

How incredible

Amazing good news. The diagnosis we had hoped against hope for – full recovery from Hepatitis C has actually now been confirmed. 15% of cases self heal so it was a possibility but very unlikely once Hepatatis C antibodies had … Read More

He is speaking for himself now

For those of you who have been following Jimiyke’s story since the early days, you may be interested to hear that he is telling his story for himself now. http://jimiykevisittotheuk.blogspot.com/ While tests have revealed that he does need intervention to … Read More

Women and education in Sierra Leone

My recurring problem: how to get strong women to teach the girls and provide a positive role model. The women who should be teachers by now have not been invested in at the appropriate ages in the past. Accordingly, finding … Read More

We’re back

Still out of breath after the whirlwind tour organised by Jan and Anne [my long-suffering diary arrangers] Kofi and I are now back in Sierra Leone. It was hectic, but it needed to be and there are many positives from … Read More

Jimiyke in shock!

The ‘Welcome Jimiyke to UK’ fireworks in Battersea Park! At long last, Jimiyke is in the UK ready to be assessed for treatment. Thanks to the hard work and generosity of many. He was given a horrible time in the … Read More


Just to share a little taste of our tropical joys….. Fancy a bit of this on your shoulder? ‘Champion’ is the local name for a little black and red acid fly. Kofi has a little scrape on his shoulder too … Read More

And another one…..

The sun rising over the Malama Hills – the view from EducAid Lumley [Freetown].A couple of weeks ago, I posted Juldeh’s success and consequent plight on the blog. He had gained a place at Fourah Bay College, successfully saved £250 … Read More

Go Girls Go!

The Women’s Project started in Lumley, Freetown in March 2006. Its target beneficiaries were girls who wanted to go to secondary school but, for whatever reason, were not at an appropriate academic standard. The project started with 18 girls and … Read More

Hungry to learn

While kids are kids and we would not pretend that our students are universal saints who always thirst for knowledge, it would certainly be fair to say that we see far greater willingness to put themselves out for education than … Read More

Congratulations to the EducAid staff and students

Newspaper cutting from ‘Awoko’. It doesn’t matter where our staff go at the moment, they are congratulated at every turn. Once again, we have 100% pass rates in the junior secondary [key stage 3 equivalent] public examinations [BECE] and Magbeni, … Read More

Really good news this time

At long last! Thanks to the kind efforts of a talented lawyer by the name of Paul Chiy, who took up Jimiyke’s case, his application was resubmitted and today we got a phone call to say that the visa has … Read More