The Big Boss is in Town

So….Jimiyke is back with a clean bill of health and very happy to see his friends again here. They were very excited to welcome him home! It has been an amazing experience but at times some serious homesickness. He is … Read More

Jimiyke on the scene again

Jimiyke, last year’s headboy, has gone quiet over the last few months. After a traumatic 2009 when he nearly died of what was probably TB, sat his final senior secondary exams, had Hepatitis C antibodies detected, eventually, after much battling … Read More

It was looking good and then…….

I had just been thinking up a new positive blog entry.Firstly, there is the excellent new road to Kenema. Wow! No potholes for 200 miles. Almost unheard of in Sierra Leone.Secondly, there was an amazing decision made, allowing a woman … Read More

Definitely too much excitement!.

Obai Santigie and his brother Alhaji receive the keys after their months of hard work to make the school building become a reality. Drummers and dancers – part of the cultural celebrations. Cultural high wire performance – another contribution to … Read More

White Ribbon Campaign

On International Women’s Day, 8th March, EducAid Lumley launched its White Ribbon Campaign. The White Ribbon Campaign is an international campaign of men working to end violence against women. An initial 31 young men committed to upholding women’s human rights: … Read More

Almost too much excitement!

Gaza’s team – Rice for the hungry winners of the intertutor group football leagueOnce a year, the timetable relaxes a little and, having worked hard together all year, we have a week of short school days followed by inter-tutor football … Read More

More trouble at Magbeni

Yayah Kamara is headboy of the Freetown school and the image of excellence in attitude, endeavour and intelligence. He is also from Magbeni.A couple of weeks ago, I was summoned to an emergency meeting in Magbeni because the relationship between … Read More

World Maths Day

Ibrahim and Yayah [our mathematical experts] pit their mathematical skills against the World!The only Sierra Leonean competitors, EducAid participated today in a World Maths Day. Although some schools seemed to take a long time coming online, our technology has held … Read More

Aunty K

Aunty K with her beautiful smileKadiatu [commonly known as Aunty K] comes from Rolal village. She would spend day after day, hanging around the junior secondary school playing in the dirt, hoping for some attention and a bit of rice … Read More

More pluses than minuses this week

21 EducAid junior teachers [all but 3 are ex-EducAid students] ready to start their new course.This week, we did the final stages of training the Port Loko Teachers’ College tutors and now the distance education pilot has started there. Only … Read More

Another day in Salone

Gibrilla Conteh, RIP [14.02.10]Just back from Gibrilla’s funeral. It turns out his crime was that of defending his uncle’s petrol from a thief. For this he was stabbed to death. His mother had already died some years back. His father … Read More

Not up for long!

I remember once during my own secondary school days the total shock when we discovered that a girl in the year ahead had been killed in a car accident. The whole school went into slow motion and mourning as our … Read More

The ups and the downs

Last week seemed to be overshadowed by the disaster in Magbeni but this week things are looking considerably more positive….. I have just got back from a trip visiting all the schools and although the roads were hard – once … Read More

And back with a bump!!!

After my first ever week offline and away from EducAid, on holiday with some concerned school mates, we are now back! And we know we are back, not only because of the crazy humidity and heat! On arrival I was … Read More

In pursuit of excellence…

Headboy, Yayah by his new store. The Women’s Project teachers with their progeny. The Headboy / girl teams.We have today, instated our new headboy and headgirl team. Headboy, Yayah and his two deputies. Headgirl, Ngadie and her two deputies as … Read More

Maronka City… well, maybe one day!

The current school building made of mud blocks with a tin roof. When we first started visiting Maronka, there were three houses and that was pretty much it. Obai Santigie [the chief] always made me welcome and encouraged return visits … Read More

More good news

Had a really good meeting today with the Director of the organisation funding the Maronka building. It turns out that actually, it was the local guy who had completely failed to pass on the message about requiring a slightly different … Read More