Rearrangement of the school year after Ebola

Let’s keep focused! Multiple, multiple changes to the academic year have had extraordinary knock on consequences for Sierra Leone’s children.  To start with, during the whole Ebola crisis, students missed 8 months of schooling. This, in a country where academic … Read More

Lucy Howling – Mellor Rose Queen 2015-16

   Hello, I’m Lucy! This year I am Mellor Rose-Queen. The tradition of crowning a young girl as Rose Queen developed in the farming communities of Northern England as part of the celebration of and thanksgiving for the growth of the food crops. … Read More

The Thoughtful Sierra Leonean

EducAid is working on the production of educational radio programmes for distribution across the country while the ebola State of Emergency keeps schools shut and children away from their studies. If we have learned nothing else during this latest crisis, … Read More

Photo Exhibition –

Please do come along and bring everyone you can. It will be a great event. Beautiful photographs and inspiring speakers, followed by drinks and a grand auction. Thursday, 23rd October 2014 6:30pm for 7pm St Michael’s Church, Chester Square London … Read More

Education on the move with EducAid!

So….since the declaration of the State of Emergency, there is a complete ban of all gatherings of more than five people except for going to church, or the mosque or ebola sensitisation meetings. One of the most significant consequences of … Read More

Dispelling Ebola Myths

Jungle trek across 4 flooded rivers, up hill and down dale to reach some of our more rural communities.  And what an emotional roller-coaster this one is. I can go from desperate sadness to frustrated anger to laughter to pride … Read More

Ebola, Education, EducAid

Ebola – what is the reality of the situation on the ground? For the last six months and more, ebola has been found infecting and causing the deaths of people in Guinea, Liberia and eventually Sierra Leone. What is ebola? … Read More