Debate Training

Lumley staff on debate skills training Staff from both Senior Secondary Schools (Lumley and Rolal) are continuing to upgrade the quality of their teaching.  They spent the whole of last weekend doing critical thinking and debating skills training.  Research has … Read More

Community Service

One of the activities that is unique in Sierra Leone to EducAid’s schools is the Community Service.  All secondary students undertake a two week period of community service each year.  They go into schools and hospitals around their area and … Read More

Evening study had to be abandoned : )

As the EducAid public exam results started coming in, the kids could not contain themselves.  I was summonsed to get myself up to the Lumley school as quickly as I could from a meeting and was mobbed on arrival! Sadly, … Read More

EducAid – Harvard University partnership

A few months ago, EducAid was approached by Harvard University‚Äôs Katrina Hann and her team.  They wanted to see if we would partner with them in a significant study on clinical psychology interventions with young people affected by trauma.  Teresa … Read More

Thanks and appreciation

Abdul Noah Mansaray was the youngest ever EducAid student to finish his secondary studies when 4 years ago he sat his West African Senior Secondary Certificate Examination (WASSCE).   Emile Carr, longstanding friend of EducAid, has sponsored Abdul Noah through his … Read More

Ann Beatty, the torch bearer

Ann conducting family literacy classes in Maronka. Ann Beatty, long term supporter and volunteer with EducAid is helping ensure we participate in the Olympic fever at least a little bit. Nominated for her generous work with EducAid and in particular … Read More

Balla making EducAid’s name in Venezuela

Balla playing football for his university. A year or so ago, Balla Turay, EducAid past pupil, took up his scholarship to study ICT in Venezuela and has clearly been making his (and our) name since.  I was touched to receive … Read More

Independence Powers Development

So often the development world seems to be very disempowering because the money and therefore the agendas and goals are driven and dictated by foreigners. True sustainable development must surely step away from this dependence. This is why we so … Read More

Osman Kamara: RIP

Hope and development on the one hand versus poverty and death on the other! Osman Kamara, student of Magbeni, died yesterday.  A bright young mind who was to join the exam class next year, he died on Saturday probably of … Read More


Essential skills acquisition. Talking it through together with the Maronka kids. Anyone for a wash? Neesha and Kate have been getting stuck in to life in Maronka but have also enjoyed their friendships with the young teachers they have been … Read More

Kate and Neesha and the ‘Rights R Us’ Club

Enjoying the rain – Yes, it’s rainy season What? Chocolate? ooooh! Who needs a washing machine anyway? D*** mosquitoes! Kate and Neesha, fresh out of teacher training college in Lincoln, arrived in Sierra Leone three weeks ago and have been … Read More

What next?

I am asked often about what our students go on to after school.   I firmly believe that whether or not there is definite employment for them, education in itself has great value and keeps doors open but it is … Read More

Obai giving Rights Education

Human rights education by Obai! The chief came this morning to speak to the children in assembly about their rights and responsibilities. Having changed beyond recognition in his own outlook towards violence and corporal punishment, during the time that I … Read More

EducAid teachers out and about!

Back in October 2011, The EducAid leaders and managers had an exciting trip to the UK for training as teacher trainers and school visits and observation.  They had a great time and came back reinvigorated and enthused for their difficult … Read More

St Simon’s RC Primary School, Hazel Grove are long term supporters of EducAid. Children, parents and staff have really taken our cause to heart. Over the years, every sort of enterprise has been undertaken on our behalf and the enthusiasm … Read More

Excellent volunteers

EducAid has periodic visits from volunteers who contribute greatly to various aspects of EducAid’s life. Matthew Herridge and Harry Simpson spent the spring term in Sierra Leone, contributing variously to Biology provision in Lumley and Rolal, ‘medical services’ in Maronka, … Read More

Gaza – the danger zone!

All in his Sunday best, ready for his interview at the British High Commission before  his trip to the UK in 2011. The quiet version! He’s exhausted himself running up and down the country and with all the extra maths … Read More