NOA dreaming and raising funds for EducAid!

North Oxfordshire Academy [NOA] have really entered into the spirit of cultural exchange and fundraising. Their relationship with EducAid is now in its 3rd year. The ICT staff hosted Jimiyke for several weeks during his trip to the UK earlier … Read More

Another traveller on his way ….

Happy traveller to be, Moses Tholley. Founder pupil, Moses Tholley, in his penultimate year of engineering studies at the Fourah Bay College, is on his way to Poland for a 6 month work experience placement. Having come close on several … Read More

Rolal construction – amazing feat!

The human conveyor belt and concrete mixers went into action once again and Rolal’s new Senior Secondary School has a new ceiling / first floor. An enormous team of water carriers, cooks, cement fetchers, concrete mixers, concrete shovelers, concrete passers, … Read More

What a team!

Great planning session with a transformed leadership team. From a group of self-constraining self-doubters the leadership team has metamorphosised into a dynamic team of people who are genuinely proud to be making a difference to their country through their work … Read More

I must be back in Sierra Leone

Grim skin lurgy 1. Grim skin lurgy 1 again. Grim skin lurgy 2. Grim skin lurgy 2 again. Days shared in almost equal parts between hope, despair, delight, beauty, sweat, dust, anger, sadness, frustration and awe. I must be back … Read More

Successful UK fundraising trip

We are just back from a very successful month of fund-raising in the UK. Successful because many new liaisons were made. Successful because many long-standing relationships have stood not only the test of time but also the test of the … Read More

Congratulations to the winners!

”Hi Miriam, I have the honour of writing to inform you that Educaid are the winners of the Rafiki Photo Contest! Congratulations! The whole team loved that the students drew the Rafiki logo. It was a wonderful touch. Your prize … Read More

Ezekiel graduates

Graduation Day – Congratulations on the wonderful achievement! He’s usually a lot smilier than this – must have been the awe of the occasion!When EducAid first started its own school on 18th September, 2000 with 20 assorted youngsters, on the … Read More

Amazon Queen

Shortly after Alhassan died I discovered the joys of online shopping. [I might despise the theory of retail therapy but the reality is that it still works!] Since then, I have become one of Amazon’s most active customers. It is … Read More

Bad timing on the Icelandic Ash!

So tempting to ask, ‘Why me?!!!!’ but it is me + how many thousand [million??? not sure] others. The teacher training materials for the 2nd module are finished today and I should be on a plane out of the heat … Read More is an intra schools online learning community platform [or something like that!] and EducAid have become good friends over the last 12 months or so as they have linked us in with a variety of projects and as … Read More

Helping EducAid Help

A few months ago, we started being contacted by those who had visited the excellent ‘stuff your rucksack’ website, where our link is: A variety of people coming into Sierra Leone visiting friends or on work missions have brought … Read More

Getting into the swing of things!

Adrian and Swithun spent their last afternoon seeing the kids at their best: receiving certificates and prizes for community service done, top exam scores achieved, merit certificates earned, being talked through numerous presentations from the various clubs: Science, Girl Power … Read More

Ho down for EducAid

Ho down for EducAid!Mike Ruse [my long-suffering best friend from Uni days] has been do-si-do ing and swinging his partners with the congregation from a nearby church in Southampton on EducAid’s behalf. Much hard work went into the arrangements and … Read More