Radio EducAid

Don’t think I can say it any better so….thank you for this letter that tells the story so well and thank you all that were involved in making this happen.  Fingers crossed the baton will not be dropped! Dear Chris … Read More

Volunteering in EducAid

From time to time, people hear of EducAid’s work and volunteer to come over and help out for a period. We have had a few youngsters nearing the end of their formal education and now a small number of teachers … Read More

EducAid and some friends from Heathrow

The visitors brought over piles of boxes of collected goodies for EducAid. You can get more on there than that.  This is Sierra Leone! Brima, temporary tour guide, with some of his guests. First on the ferry across to Freetown … Read More

EducAid at the top again

A spot of after class down time. The Junior staff spend their school holidays in teacher training classes but relax a little with a football at the end of the day. A year ago, EducAid began supporting a pilot distance … Read More

Yet another needless TB death.

Sheku Turay, 20, disappeared from the Freetown school a few months ago and after many enquiries we eventually found that he was staying with a distant relative and was seriously ill in the Magbeni community. He was losing weight dramatically … Read More

Max and Charlie getting into their new life.

Offloading stuff at Magbeni, a couple of stops before their final destination. Nervous grins as Max and Charlie move into their new accommodation. Chez Max and Charlie for the next few months. Moved in and working out their next steps. … Read More

Visibly on the mend….

For those of you that have followed the ups and downs of Jimiyke’s progress over the last 18 months, these pictures will gladden your hearts.  After an extremely traumatic childhood, Jimiyke turned his life round when given the opportunity of … Read More

The New Year birthday boys

Yahyah Kamara and Musa Bundu, both 19 on 1st January 2011. Yahyah is head boy and Musa is his deputy.  Delightful and highly intelligent boys, they are also products of the EducAid Magbeni Junior Secondary School. Why do we carry … Read More

Paradise and back!

Early morning in paradise.  The unromantically named Number 2 River Beach is one of the most gorgeous places imaginable.  Two days with nothing to do but read, swim, play, eat and drink, it was hard to imagine there were places … Read More

I think Father Christmas has been…….

Christmas Eve celebration in the library before bedtime for little people. Full fat socks everywhere. And more and more of them….. Somebody’s been busy tonight. ABJ has found something with his name on it. Tee getting to the bottom of … Read More

Jennifer too…..and in style!

Jennifer Thomas, left EducAid in 2006 and graduated Dec 2010 from Fourah Bay College, Freetown. While Moses has stayed at the heart of EducAid throughout his studies, Jennifer lived in her family home and was not so frequently to be … Read More

And another one takes to the road!

Musa Koroma, former EducAid student won a scholarship to go to study engineering in Russia some months ago.  It has been an almighty challenge to get from that point to the point of actual departure never mind arrival in situ. … Read More

Amae Creation supports EducAid Sierra Leone

Great thanks and appreciation go to my French cousin by marriage, Caroline Rittener.  Caroline is the creative spirit and brain behind Amae Creation [website:].   Caroline’s new enterprise is in Spain but she is also keen to ensure that she … Read More

A flavour of life at EducAid Lumley.

French / British lawyer, Marie-Aimée, has just got back to the UK after a stint in Sierra Leone working on Justice Sector Reform.  (There is, as I am sure you can imagine, significant need for it!) She has done some … Read More

20 things you wouldn’t do!

……unless it was for a good cause! Alex Ehegartner [head of citizenship at Stockport Grammar School] and for mysterious reasons, otherwise known as Mister E, had groups of youngsters hurtling round the place, making large amounts of noise and mess … Read More